Happy New Year 2018!

The new year brings in new opportunities, new possibilities and new hopes. If there is ONE thing your children must aim to achieve this year then what would that be?

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Everyone wants happy children!

But what is the ONE thing which will help them live a successful and fulfilling life? It's none other than developing a Creative and Growth Mindset. All experts agree!

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Children learn by Doing

CreativKits offers subscription kits for children aged 5 -15 in all areas of interest.

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There is a fun in opening a box full of exciting stuff every month.

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Fun activities that encourage Sharing, Caring and building Family ties.

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How CreativKits Subscription works?

CreativKits offers subscription kits for children aged 5 -15 in all areas of interest.
Step 1: Pick a Plan

Become a member of CreativKits and choose your subscription plan. Click here to see all plans.

Step 2: Receive a Kit

Get Engaging & Fun activities in a curated kit delivered to your doorsteps every month.

Step 3: Have some fun

Watch your children create wonderful things and share securely with CreativKits community

Subscription Plans

Choose from one of these plans based on your child's current commitments.

Gift Cards

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a CreativKits gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Explore All Monthly Kits

Choose from a range of activity kits which are delivered monthly. Each month features 1, 2 and 4 fun-filled learning activities for kids between 5-15. You are welcome to order kits from past months.

Why CreativKits?

CreativKits is the only subscription service that ticks all the boxes.

CreativKit Box
  • For Kids 5-15 yrs old

    Our Kits are designed to engage both boys and girls between 5 to 15 years.

  • Diverse interest areas

    Covers diverse interest areas beyond Science, Technology, English & Maths.

  • Flexible plans

    Flexible subscription plans allow you to choose number of activities each month based on your child's commitments.

  • Learning by sharing

    Provides a secure platform for children to share their finished work and collaborate on ideas to learn & improve.

What's in the Kit?

Every CreativKit is unique but following are a few common features that set us apart.

  • Featured Story

    One of the CreativKits members is featured on our subscription kits, every month. The featured child get to write his own story, share his or her ideas with the community and gets a special gift from CreativKits. *Photos are optional - an avatar can be used instead.

  • Instructions both-ways

    Our kits come with printed instructions but we also provide video instructions using online channel. Once the kit has been delivered, you will also receive rich media instructions through emails.

  • Premium quality

    We source all the contents of our kits from Australian suppliers and reputed overseas sources. If you are not satisfied, contact us and we will replace or refund your money. Read our refund policy for more details. 

  • Creative is the King

    Creativity is paramount for us at CreativKits. It has to be, if we want our children to embrace creative thinking in their day to day lives. Hence, we try to think differently in everything we do.

    This Origami flyer is included in every subscription box we deliver. It informs you about our latest offers and also provides a fun activity for kids to do in their spare time.

Free Starter Kit

Our subscription plans are already discounted. On top of that, you will also receive a Starter Kit with every yearly plan absolutely free.

This is a limited time offer only, don't let your child miss out!

Our mantra "Learning by Doing"

At CreativKits, our mission is to help parents and carers engage their children creatively, spend quality time together and prepare them for life. To do this, we deliver required tools and techniques to the family’s doorsteps and provide them a platform to collaborate with other community members.

What are people saying about CreativKits?

Kids across Australia are creating amazing things and learning along the way. Don’t let your child miss out!

Great concept!  My 10 year son is good in academics and attends a lot of sports during the week. It has been a challenge in engaging him into some creative activities - TV and iPad has taken over. Since we have joined CreativKits (TSS previously), things have changed a bit. He is very excited completing the Projects and can't wait for the next Kit to arrive. Thanks tons!

I have a 8 Yr old daughter(Angela) who's is very creative but my challenge is that I can't come up with new activities every day. Angela needs something new every day or she gets bored. CreativKits (TSS previously) sends her a new creative kit every month and a creative project every week. When I say creative, I mean it. Very well designed and thought through.  Well done, Keep it up!

We have two grand-children - girl is 12 and boy is 9. Both are brilliant and quite active in sports. We both come from a creative background and would have liked our grand-children to get an exposure to the creative side of their brain. Sadly enough, the right environment is hard to find these days. So, we experimented with CreativKits people (TSS previously) and I can see the results. The boy is excited by the sheer thrill of the kit being delivered every month and the girl loves to do the projects and share them with her friends.

My 9 year old is a quiet child. She is very intelligent but doesn't have many friends. Through CreativKits (TSS previously), she has a medium to express herself. She enjoys completing their projects and love to hear back from other member kids on what did they like about them. I wish TSS people a good luck for their future missions.

Meet Instein, your child's curious buddy!

Our mascot 'Instein' is inspired by Albert Einstein. We all know that Einstein was a great scientist but what's not commonly known is that he was a great violinist as well. He had a curious, inquisitive and fertile mind. Walter Isaacson, author of the book "Einstein" and President and CEO of the Aspen Institute once said that Albert Einstein was an ultimate combination of Creativity and an Imagination – an ability to think differently and out of the box.

Instein has sixteen avatars which represent various fun & engaging topics we cover through our subscription kits. We hope that 'Instein' and its avatars would inspire your kids to get curious and explore more things around. The best learning is 'learning by doing'.