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Build Your Own Catapult

Build Your Own Catapult

We remember growing up playing outside or playing actual boardgames, not playing on a tablet or phone like the kids these days 🎲

Perhaps it is time to reacquaint our kids to similar playing habits. Yes, they might think actual boardgames are boring or not as exciting as a video game - but we have a solution for that 👇

A lot of kids these days are going through a frenzy of playing war / shooting video games. This new activity allows them to play the same without a screen in their face 📵

The MYO Catapult is safe and harmless but just as fun. It is less violent and yet allows you to strategise battles and knock down your opponents in reality 💣

What You'll Need (BTW - It's all included in the kit!)

Instructions on How To Build Your Own Catapult

Watch Video to Learn More about Building Your Own Box Catapult

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