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Create Your Own Constellation Geoboard

Create Your Own Constellation Geoboard

We all have those moments when we start star gazing. Be it on a long drive, just sitting in the park or our backyard, deep in thought or just amused.

Help your kids identify the different constellations so when they star gaze they know exactly what they are looking at.

This DIY activity is our perfect example of “Learning by Doing”.

You’ll Need The Following Things To Make Your Own Geoboard

Make Your Own Geoboard

Let’s Get Gazing!

Prepare The Template: Cut out the Geoboard Template from the sheet.

Fix The Template: Spread the PVA glue evenly on the Round Cork Trivet and stick the cut our Template on it. Use a tissue or soft cloth to dab the template so it stick evenly. Make sure not to apply too much pressure as that could cause the ink to leak.

Make It Solid: Use the super glue and stick another Trivet under the first one to make the base thicker.

Identify The Constellations: Tack the Ball Head Pins on the board to map out constellations. Then use the rubber bands to wrap around the borders of the shapes so you can see the images clearly!

Prepare The Template
Fix The Template
Make It Solid
Identify The Constellations


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