CreativKits is for the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and all other well wishers who want to engage their children in creative, meaningful and fun activities.

Unlike other services which are either expensive or require extensive preparation, our products help parents and carers engage their children at home, economically and hassle-free!

Everything you need, is delivered to your doorstep in a perfectly packed kit which makes it a perfect and very unique gift as well!

Arts & Crafts and STEM focused activities for children aged 5-15.

Get a Gift Card, An Individual Kit or a Subscrption Plan - either way, you will never look back.


Multiple Experiences in One Box

When trying to pick up a gift for a kid, how often do you find yourself thinking "do they already have this?" Even if they dont already have it, you can't stop yourself from wondering "but for how long will they actually play with the same toy? Is it really worth it?"

It's true! Kids get bored of toys very quickly, for the first week it would be their favourite new toy but then it gets stacked with all the others and picked out once in a bluemoon maybe. Besides, just like iPhones, even toys these days come with upgraded version on a monthly basis. When does it end then? How many Nerf Guns is too many Nerf Guns?

With CreativKits subscriptions you dont have to worry about either of those things. Each kit has 2-4 activities depening on which plan you choose. Let's say it takes the kids 2, maybe 3 days to complete the activity, and then that becomes their new favourite toy for a week; by the time they get bored of the first one, they can start with the second one. Each one giving them a different experience in a different area of interest!

Diverse Areas of Interest to Please Everyone!

Consider this for a scenario (I know I've faced it multiple times). You're going to a party or just to meet the family and have to get gifts for multiple children. You want to get them similar things because you dont want them to fight about who got the better gift. You want the budget to remain the same for each gift as well. Yet you can't get the same thing for everyone because they all have different areas of interest.

Once again, CreativKits has the solution. Each kit looks and feels the same and based on the subscription plan you pick, the cost remains the same too. The contents of the activities however range within 15 different areas of interest. From Music, Art and Gardening to Math, Science and Astrology. Cater the gift without having to amend your budget or having to travel from shop to shop looking and matching and comparing.

Increased Satisfaction & Enjoyment: DIY Toys

Do you ever have those moments when you cook something at home and believe that what you made was better than what you would get at a restaurent? May not happen too often, but it does happen.

Its the same with kids. When they are given a toy they would surely love it, just like you'd enjoy the food at a restautrent - but when they make their own toy, they love it even more because it really is their creation.

Apart from the fun they have while making it, and learning a lot in the process mind you - they have fun playing with it and sharing the story of how they made it too. Take our DIY Magnetic Slime for example. You could always buy Magnetic Slime from a toy store and the kid would love playing with it. If asked what it is or where they got it, they'd say "I got it as a present". On the other hand, if they make their own Magnetic Slime they have fun in the process, learn all about how it works, and when asked what it is and where they got it, have a much more engaging story to tell!

Recurring Happiness

Like we said before, kids play with one toy for maybe a week before they get bored of it and really forget about it. You may become their favourite in that week, but what then?

With our subscription plans, a new kit is delivered to their doorstep every month, giving them new activities and new toys to create and play with every month. Reminding them every month that you go this for them. Giving them new stories to share with you every month. Teaching them new skills every month.

We believe, there is never enough happiness to go around!



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