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Make and Play Catapult game

Make and Play Catapult game

Bring online gaming experience to life with this DIY catapult game

A fun DIY game which brings kids' online gaming experience to life. Let them build their little harmless catapult and destroy each other's castes or target practice by themselves. Important to note that older kids can make a complex design while younger can make a simple one. Instructions and material for both complexities is included. This little activity helps them develop a lot of confidence and learn Newton's laws together. So, don't let them miss out.

Click here to download the Instruction booklet. Steps to make Glow-in-dark Magnetic slime starts at Page 15. Learn about world's biggest catapult on page 19.

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Following is/are the video(s) referenced in the instruction booklet:

  • Video tutorial on page 17:

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