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MYO Paper Straw Tulips

MYO Paper Straw Tulips

Isnt it sad when you buy fresh flowers and then they wrinkle or dry up and you have to either turn them into potpourri or throw them out? Yes, you can buy plastic flowers for decoration, but wouldn’t it be better if your kids can make the flowers for decoration?  

This super easy make your own Paper Straw Tulips activity gives you just that!

With Father’s Day approaching, it would be the perfect gift to bring home to you dad too!

What You’ll Need

MYO Paper Straw Tulips

Let’s Get Blooming

1. Making the Flower
•   Use scissors to cut out the tulip flower from the template
•   Use a pencil to trace the tulip on the construction paper and cut it out
•   Fold the tulip flower like an accordion giving it four folds (check out the video link to see an example)
•   Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the centre of the accordion flower

2. Insert the Stem
Unfold the tulip flower and insert your green paper straw in and out through the holes.
Be gentle so you don’t rip the flower.

3. Add the Leaves
•   Use a pencil to draw 2 thin leaves on green construction paper and cut them out.
•   Add glue to the bottom of each leaf and wrap them around the bottom of the paper straw.

Repeat these steps with different coloured contruction paper to make different coloured tulips and a colourful bouquet!

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