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Make Your Own Light Up Hoodie

Make Your Own Light Up Hoodie

Do your kids keep complaining about wanting new clothes, clothes that are different from that of their friends? Lets face it, we all shop in the same bunch of malls in the same brands. It becomes difficult to have unique or different clothes all the time.

Even as adults we have moments at work or social gatherings when we say: “Oh, I have that same jacket or sweater.” When we pick our outfits, we hope we aren’t wearing the same thing as someone else. Our solution is accessorising - bags, shoes, belts, jewellery. Kids however don’t have as many options. Even if they carry a bag, by the end of the day it will either be lost or you’ll be carrying it for them.

Here’s how you can help your kids accessories their outfits without having to worry about extras - what’s better is you can make this a fun activity for your kid to do as well!

What You'll Need For An Ultra Rare Hoodie

EL Tape

Velcro Strip

Battery Inverter



2 AA Batteries


Lets Make Your Unique Hoodie

Once you’ve gathered all the materials, its a no-fuss, no-mess, 5 step process.

First, measure the length of the Velcro strip against the EL Tape and cut it to make sure they are equal lengths.

Second, stick the soft side of the velcro onto the edge of the hood - making sure the edge of the hood is smooth and does not have any wrinkles. Note: If there are drawstrings in the hoodie, remove them before attaching the Velcro.

Third, attach the prickly side of the velcro to the EL tape. Again, smoothen the attachment to ensure there are no wrinkles.

Then, attach the EL taped velcro to the velcro on the hood. If you are right handed, make sure the connecting wire is on the right, or vice-versa for left handed people.

Finally, Connect the EL tape connecting wire to the battery inverter pack and put the inverter in your pocket (preferably on the same side).

As long as you haven’t forgotten to put the batteries in the inverter, your hoodie should light up as soon as you flick the switch ON!

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