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December Plus Kit • Age 5 plus • Flower Art, Christmas Lantern, Super Moon Torch and Shark Tooth

December Plus Kit • Age 5 plus • Flower Art, Christmas Lantern, Super Moon Torch and Shark Tooth

December Plus Kit • Age 5 plus • Flower Art, Christmas Lantern, Super Moon Torch and Shark Tooth

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This kit contains Two Science and Two Art & Craft learning activities for children aged 5 plus:

1.  CREATE YOUR OWN PRESSED FLOWER ART:  Remember those days when you collected flowers and beautiful leaves in your notebooks? Here is an opportunity to bring back those old memories and live it again through your children. Let them collect flowers and leaves from your backyard and preserve the beauty of nature in your own home. Press them and turn them to pieces of art. Includes instructions and materials for making trinket box, greeting cards and bookmarks.

Contents: Flower press cover and base (10cm x 10cm), corrugated cardboard, white blotting paper, plastic screws and wing-nuts, trinket boxes, cards, envelopes, bookmarks, brush, glue, ribbon, double-sided adhesive tapes and detailed instructions.

2.  MAKE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS LANTERN KITS: Deck the halls with dazzling Christmas designs! Creative kids will be thrilled with this fun-packed activity. Unleash the magic within our Christmas lanterns by affixing coloured cellophane behind the pre-cut apertures and hey presto - you’ll reveal a fab festive motif! Presents, elves, candy canes and more, there’s so much to discover and explore. Don’t forget to string your lanterns up so Santa can find his way. Each kit includes card lantern template and coloured cellophane. Stick, discover, fold and hang!

Contents: Assorted Cellophane Colours - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple and Assorted Designs Featuring - Santa, Elf, Snowman & Gingerbread Man

3.  LEARN WITH SUPER MOON TORCH:  Enjoy your own portable moon! Turn on the moon torch and project the light onto the wall and ceiling at night. View the moon's fascinating seas and craters with this amazing torch. Educational and fun. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, this kit provides hours of fun. The torch also transforms into a light up animated zoetrope, a glowing lightsaber and a spooky night writer. Batteries included. Just Beautiful!

Contents: 1 x Torch (10 cm in length, included 3 x 1.5V AG13 Button Cell Batteries), 1 x Lightsaber, 1 x Zeotrope Drum, 1 x Night Writer Nib, 1 x Glow Board (12 x 16 cm), 1 x Sheet of Animated Strips with Stencils and Detailed Instructions

4.  DIG YOUR OWN SHARK TOOTH FOSSIL:  Sharks are Aussie favourites. They are always in news for some reason and even though they are scary, kids and adults love them. This kit builds upon that very excitement by allowing kids to dig out their own glow-in-dark shark tooth from a fossil replica. The tooth can then be worn as a necklace using the cord provided. Cool as it sounds, your children would also get an appreciation of how big Shark's teeth are. Great education with show-off fun. Includes two teeth!

Contents: 2 x Glow-in-dark Shark Teeth (buried in the plaster block), 1 x Specially designed digging tool, Length of Fabric Cord and Detailed Instructions

All together these four activities are perfectly balanced between Science, Art and Crafts. Designed by educationalists, the benefits of 'learning by doing' is hard to let go.