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"CreativKits is Ragaz best foot forward"

"Children are the future. So the more we invest in them today, better our future will be." - this is a common theme across all of Rashi & Gagan's initiatives so far. Lovingly called as "Ragaz", they incorporated their company called Raga Consulting a few years back.

Their first initiative was TED Raga which focused on neighbourhood kids including their own son. The idea was to get together once a week and watch a few TED Talks. Ragaz would then engage these kids in a thoughtful group discussion after the talk to reinstate the learning. Going forward, this group did some amazing things like launching their own business (called Tedsters.club) and raised $1400 for Cancer council by hosting biggest morning tea for 66 houses in the neighbourhood area. TED Raga is currently engaging these kids in some robotics projects and sponsoring a child in India through World Vision Australia.

The biggest learning from this initiative was that age is no bar for children, when it comes to great initiatives. TED Raga engages kids ranging from 5 to 15 yrs of age.   With this learning, Ragaz launch The Secret Sparrow. This was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk called as 'Do schools kill creativity?'. Secret Sparrow is an online initiative where kids were engaged in creative and thought provoking activities. This initiative later gained popularity by selling off the shelf creative activity kits to kids of all ages. This is still a popular destination for parents who want to engage their kids beyond STEM topics (Science, Technology, English and Maths).

Learnings from Secret Sparrow resulted in CreativKits which is an entirely different concept. It focuses on two concepts 'Learning by doing' and 'Learning consistantly'. While the phrases are self explanatory, Ragaz are quite passionate about them. Firstly, they believe very strongly that learning can't be real until it involves some doing. Adults learn by making inferences with what they did in the past - for e.g. I can learn cooking pasta by watching a TV program (not doing). The way that works is that I can relate to my past experiences of cooking and make connections to what I am watching. But kids do not have a huge inventory of things they did in the past - they are building that inventory now. So, the more they do now, the more they can make inferences in future. Hope that makes sense! Secondly, consistency is important as human being learn by repeating things - one time is great for an experience but not good enough to build a solid foundation for future learning.

CreativKits is based on these two key learnings; hence it focus on Doing and Doing again.   Hope that provides a little glimpse on the journey Ragaz have gone through so far. The path forward is clear as well - it's all about making difference in children's lives and making their future brighter. That will in-turn make our own future bright, isn't it?