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Pull the tab from left of your screen, Spin the Wheel and win new offers every day. Use the discount code from your win to receive FREE kits. This is on top of FREE Shipping offer until end of this year. Enjoy your Spin and have a lucky day!

How to claim your offer?

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Choose your plan

Choose a plan based on child's Age, Interest Areas and number of Activities per month.

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Receive your kit

Choose if you want your first kit to arrive after Christmas or at the earliest possible.

Step 3:
Have a lot of fun

Watch your kids create wonderful things and share the love with family and friends.  

What can you Win?

Is it just us or has the weather been extra fluctuant lately? Get your kids to track the weather, experiment with greenhouse stations and learn about climate change all in your own house.

This DIY activity results in an ultra smart weather station with many functions. While you can't always prevent bad weather, you can sure be prepared for it - without having to check the weather app on your smart devices!  

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Are you always on the lookout for cute, DIY gifts to give friends and family? Off-the-rack is just becoming too common now?

Add an even better twist, by making your kids make the gifts. Somehow, it always seems more special when a child has made it. Today, we bring to you DIY Door Key Hangers. A very simple activity that will occupy your kids for a couple of hours, and result in special gifts for loved ones – or self-use! Plus, you will no longer lose your keys in the house!

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With Christmas approaching quickly, it is time to start thinking about gifts, cards and decorations you need to organise. This year, make your own cards and decorations with this easy to follow activity!

Create mixed-media abstract art using transfer foil and add an enchanting “wow” factor. We love the way it suggests something is a bit extra special. Make sophisticated shiny masterpieces with this simple and easy method. Peel off the pre-cut canvas to customize each part with foil paper, glitter or gems.

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With summer around the corner and spring in full form, we can expect lots of blooms and colourful birds flocking around. This Christmas, give a bird a home.

Move virtual jigsaw puzzles to real-life 3D puzzles which also give back. This MYO activity results in a beautiful Wooden Bird House which you can hang in your backyard or even in your balcony, lay some food and attract the colours of spring and summer home.
Plus, it's a great way to develop a child's analytical and creative skills all while having some family fun!

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Everyone wants to buy Jewelry for the women in their lives: mum, grandmum, sister, partner, etc. How many actually grow the crystal that the jewelry could be made out of?

This versatile crystal growing kit allows you to grow one-of-three colour crystal or mix the colours to make your very own unique crystal.
What's better? Get the little ones in the house to grow the crystals and gift them to mum or grandma instead of store bought jewelry. Are you really telling us this won't mean more?

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Like we learnt from the article ‘Ever wondered what’s floating around in space’ – we don’t only pollute Earth but its surroundings too. Floating metal and plastic just name a few. Eventually, these scraps are bound to fall back to Earth as well. It’s a cycle you see!

If you only clean your home but not your backyard, on a windy day all the leaves and dust fly back into the house. We know it’s tough to imagine, but to show you exactly what is happening out there, we want you to try this new DIY activity. Assemble your own telescope so you can see for yourself! Get your kids involved so they know the truth too – plus as always, it will be a fun activity to do as a family!

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Wondering what's CreativKits?

CreativKits is a premium subscription service for primary school age children. It helps you engage your children creatively month after month, by providing them with an array of DIY activities ranging from Arts & Crafts to Music, Gardening, Science, Math, Astronomy and so much more. These kits are packed and delivered to your doorstep with all the materials and easy to follow instructions. With this limited time FREE Shipping offer, there is no better time to subscribe to a plan. Plus, we are also giving away a FREE kit with every order placed during 12 days leading up to the Christmas. So, pull the tab from left of your screen, Spin the Wheel and win new offers every day.

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Terms and conditions:  CreativKits Christmas offer is only made available to new customers who spend $50 or above in a single order before 6 p.m. December 31st, 2018. This offer entitles the customer to FREE SHIPPING across Australia. All subscription orders will be delivered without any shipping cost throughout the term of their subscription; plus, if customers renew their subscription without any gap then the shipping continues to remain FREE. This promotion may only be redeemed once and must not be passed on to any other person but the recipient. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, voucher or promotional offer or for the purchase of gift vouchers, gift cards or for account payments. CreativKits reserves the right to reject any offer claims presented which it deems in its sole discretion to have been forged, defaced or misused. Employees of CreativKits and members of their families are not eligible. For any queries, please contact us HERE.