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November Plus Kit • Age 8 plus • Paper Beads, Water Filtration, Marbled Creations & Solar Racing Car

November Plus Kit • Age 8 plus • Paper Beads, Water Filtration, Marbled Creations & Solar Racing Car

November Plus Kit • Age 8 plus • Paper Beads, Water Filtration, Marbled Creations & Solar Racing Car

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This kit contains Two Science and Two Art & Craft learning activities for children aged 8 plus:

1.  DIY RECYCLED PAPER BEADS:  A wide-spread environment education program is already spreading 3Rs - Refuse, Reuse and Recycle. This Recycled Paper beads activity takes this idea to the next level. It provides a little tool that helps convert included coloured paper, old newspaper, magazine pages and scrap paper into cool beads. While making these beads is an interesting activity by itself, using those beads to make a jewellery or other cool stuff takes it to a next level.

Contents: Paper Bead Winding Tool, Patterned Paper Strips, Elastic String, Glue, Plastic Dabber with a Foam-end and Detailed Instructions. Note: Plastic Bottle is not included

2.  DIY WATER FILTRATION & DESALINATION:  Whether you’re hiking, camping, or travelling to a place with poor water quality, you should always purify water from an untreated or unfamiliar source before drinking it. So, learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water using this kit. Build your own water filtration and desalination plant. It's a cool water science experimental kit. Children can experiment by pouring a cup of coffee into the top of the unit and the water will come out clear at the bottom.

Contents: 4 x Filter Sections, 4 x Filter Plugs, Round Filter Base, 3 x Bags of Active Carbon, 3 x Bags of Sand, 3 x Bags of Gravel, 3 x Filter Paper, Funnel-shaped Collector, Small Plastic Cup, Soft Wax, Fishing Line, Transparent Tube, 2 x Transparent Caps, Silver Reflector Card, Black Plastic Cap, 2 x Metal Washers and Experiment Instruction Guide with Fun Facts

3.  DIY ASSORTED MARBLED CREATIONS: Want to transform everyday items into luxe marbled creations to beautify your space or to give as the perfect gift? By pairing modern pieces with the simple but versatile technique of marbling, you can elevate your home aesthetic and create stunning pieces of practical art in just a few simple steps! In the Amazing Marbled Creations kit, author and marbling extraordinaire Amy Weir shows you how to create your own unique pieces, like marbled shoes, a phone case, a notebook, a vase and more. With hints, tips and step-by-step photography, this kit means anyone can be creative and personalise their space.

Contents: 3 acrylic paints, 3 mini balloons, 3 canvas cards, 5 sheets of paper, 2 wooden dowels and a 24-page instruction book

4.  DIY SOLAR METAL RACING CAR: Environment-friendly efforts including green energy is what future demands. So, why not provide tools and knowledge to our kids in that direction? You might have tried a few cheap solar toys in the past but this Solar Metal Racer possesses all the qualities of a five-tool player: Strength, Power, Speed, Building, and Cost-effectiveness. It will bring excitement for ages 8 and up, a fun-filled learning experience. and moments of greatness. With great built quality, this fun-learning activity will also get your kids to prepare for the future. Have fun!

Contents: 1 x Pinion Gear, 1 x Regular Gear, 2 x Sponge, 1 x Round Shaft (short), 1 x Round Shaft (long), 1 x Solar Panel with Motor, 1 x Main Body

All together these four activities are perfectly balanced between Science, Art and Crafts. Designed by educationalists, the benefits of 'learning by doing' is hard to let go.