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Make Glitter Foil Art, Mini garden, Magic Color Crystals & Weather Station | Sep Plus Kit | Age 8+

Make Glitter Foil Art, Mini garden, Magic Color Crystals & Weather Station | Sep Plus Kit | Age 8+

Make Glitter Foil Art, Mini garden, Magic Color Crystals & Weather Station | Sep Plus Kit | Age 8+

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This kit contains Two Science and Two Art & Craft learning activities every child would love:

1.  MAKE YOUR OWN WEATHER STATION: This ultra smart weather station has many functions. You can keep track of weather changes, learn facts about the weather and do experiments on the greenhouse effect. Includes a wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer, rain gauge & assembly instructions. When you have done exploring you can recycle the bottle and make your very own mini greenhouse.

Contents: A set of plastic weather station (assembly required), 1 x thermometer, 1 x compass, screws and detailed instructions.

2.  MAKE YOUR OWN GLITTER FOIL ART: Those of us who love creating mixed-media abstract art cannot have too many choices when it comes to materials, right? Transfer foil is something your kids might want to think about adding to their creative toolbox for its enchanting “wow” factor. We love the way it suggests something is a bit extra special. Make sophisticated shiny masterpieces with this simple and easy method. Peel off the pre-cut canvas to customize each part with foil paper, glitter and gems.

Contents: 3 x ready-to-decorate printed boards, 6 x sheets of foil paper, 4 x tubes of glitter powder, 1 x Rhinestones, 1 x Transfer tool, 1 x paintbrush and Color instructions

3.  MAKE YOUR OWN MINI GARDEN:  Paint the pots for your mini garden with white paint, colour-block large areas of the pot with the vibrant neon paint, then decorate it with patterns using gold! Finally, cut and fold mini plants out of the paper provided and plant them. Your garden can last forever with paper-crafted plants, but you can also test out your green thumb by planting real plants in your beautiful new pots! Containing all you need to create four super-cute mini pot plants, this kit is a great gift idea or a rainy-day activity.

Contents: 4 x terracotta pots, 1 x tape roll, 1 x tissue paper, 2 x paintbrushes, 2 x foam balls, 2 x paper sheets, 1 x paint jar (20 ml), 5 x paint pots (25 ml), 10 x pins, 1 x instruction booklet

4.  MAKE EDIBLE MAGIC CRYSTALS: What was the first rule your teacher taught you in science. Let me guess don't eat in the lab room and do NOT taste any chemicals!! Yeah, yeah well this little chemistry kit's got an attitude, so throw away the rulebook and start experimenting with chemicals that you can drink! Go crazy and make a foaming, colour changing drink, while learning about acid-base indicators and pH! Use the friendly indicator to discover whether chemicals around your kitchen are acidic or basic. Once you've done that, pop your lab coat on and make your very own pH indicator in your very own lab - your kitchen! Then test out your homemade indicator or any acid or base you can find! Now no science student is going to argue with that kind of learning.

Contents: 1 x 28 grams of food grade stable red cabbage extract mixture (sugar, red cabbage extract, artificial flavouring), 1 x Scoop, 1 x instruction booklet.

All together these four activities are perfectly balanced between Science, Art and Crafts. Designed by educationalists, the benefits of 'learning by doing' is hard to let go.